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We can get your crawl space encapsulated and conditioned at a much lower price than the competition using the same materials and methods, I promise! How? It's simple really and I'll share my story on how I got here.


After finding out what local Eastern NC companies were charging to encapsulate crawl spaces I knew I could do it better and under budget. I actually did hundreds of Crawl Space Encapsulations while furthering my education in the early 2000's. I remember thinking then that the company I was working for was charging excessively. Now don't get me wrong, we were completely transforming people's crawl spaces, but it was no secret why this pest control company's favorite job was doing encapsulations... Profits were Huge!

Fast forward 15 years, I'm working as a NC Licensed Home Inspector and begin to see prices regularly exceeding $10,000 for Crawl Space Encapsulation. This led me to finally say, I'll start a company doing the same work using the same materials for much less. I'll let these larger companies and franchises with all there sales people, offices, big advertising budgets find customers for me.

So if you got a crazy quote which led you online to find me, then it's working and I hope you'll let me come give you a free estimate. I work every job and all communications will be with me or my Beautiful Wife Sandy.

Serious Savings, Like Seriously!

Complete Encapsulation with Dehumidifier

We'll come and get your Crawl Space so Clean and Dry that you could take a nap under there. Insulating the perimeter wall, laying and sealing high quality vapor barrier, then installing a dehumidifier to maintain low moisture levels.

Vapor Barrier Installation

Every Crawl Space doesn't need a complete encapsulation with a dehumidifier to get moisture levels under control. Sometimes just putting down a basic vapor barrier can help bring moisture levels down considerably in a crawl space. Having said that, many homes needing encapsulation already have a basic vapor barrier that isn't providing the protection needed for your home.

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